I offer the following services:

  • 3D modeling – Custom made 3D models made to your specifications.  Anything from Artistic to fully functioning designs.  I can make just about anything you can think up.  Typically the pricing is about $20.00 per hour, but I am negotiable on this.  Sometimes it can be for an entire project or hourly.  Just email me for questions.

  • 3D printing – I do some limited 3D printing.  I have 2 printers.  The first printer is 170mm x 170mm x 150mm in size (6.69in x 6.69in x 5.9in)  It is a single color printer, and I can print most common plastics.  The other printer is 430mm x 430 mm x 400mm (16.9in x 16.9in x 15.7in)  It is a dual color, and I can print mainly PLA and other low temperature Plastics.  I specialize in logos and graphic arts related.  I can print anything modeled within these dimensions.  Pricing is based on time and cost of material.

  • 3D model repair – It is fairly common to come across models that are not manifold for 3D printing.  (this means that they have holes, overlapping surfaces, random unconnected vertices, or various other abnormalities)  If you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to get a model to work.  I can fix these for you by going in there by hand and manually repairing them.  This is sometimes a very complex or a very simple procedure.  There’s no way for me to price the repair unless I see the model.  Once you send me the model, I’ll reply with a quote for the project.  I’ll send a picture of the model completed and return the repaired model after payment is complete.

  • Prototypes – I am interested in helping prototype anything you have an idea for as far as an invention goes.  Everything will be confidential.  Pricing is based on per project, price per item contract, or percentage contract.

  • Graphic designs – I can 3D model, 3D print, Design, or help you design anything you’d like, just let me know!  Pricing can be hourly based or project based.

If any of these interest you and you’d like my help, Please contact me at orders@inventimark.com

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